Winstrol effects on fertility

Stanozolol has been used by athletes for decades, especially by sprinters. This steroid has been known for giving sprinters more speed as well as allowing them to train harder and for longer due to quicker recovery from using Winstrol. A famous case known by many people is the sprinter Ben Johnson who broke the 100m world record, he tested positive for Winstrol and had his record removed. Football players as well as basket players have been known to use Stanozolol. Athletes looking for speed and strength as well as faster recovery often opt for Winstrol as its out of the body fast and so there is lower risk of being tested positive for Anabolic Steroids and also because the weight gains associated with Winstrol are not to high which is another benefit. Athletes such as sprinters need to be muscular and lean for achieve good speeds, if a sprinter gained 20lbs from a Ster0id cycle he would not be fast enough.

Winstrol is one of the few anabolic steroids that can be used safely by women; however, caution is advised. This is a steroid that carries a much lower virilization rating than most steroids; even so, the side-effects of Winstrol can include virilization which refers to the promotion of masculine like characteristics in women. Your genetic response to the hormone will play a role, but most women will be fine if they keep the doses low as well as the duration of use short lived. If you surpass responsible time frames or dosing, the odds of virilization will increase, but again, most women will be fine if they hold to responsible levels. In any case, if virilization symptoms begin to show for any reason, you are encouraged to discontinue use immediately. If you discontinue use at the onset of symptoms, they will fade away rapidly; however, if ignored they may very well become a permanent problem.

With regard to Curlin’s performance in Dubai, it should be noted that the horses he faced over there were incredibly sub-par. indicative of the state of the older male dirt handicap division this year. Both “races” were nothing more than well paid public workouts. With the retirement of so many of last years top 3 year olds including Street Sense, even a temporally steroid free Curlin could beat the plugs he faced there in a $4M race. This was a smart tactical move by his connections since the BC is in California this year on a synthetic surface in a state that will soon ban the presence of anabolic steroids in a horses’ blood on race day. IMO, there is little chance Curlin will race in the BC classic. Steve Assmussen, Curlin’s trainer and Rick Dutrow, Big Winstrol’s trainer, both annually vie for the title of top “super drug trainer”. Just Google their names if you want to read about their sordid histories, replete with many suspensions for administering performance enhancing drugs to their horses.

Winstrol effects on fertility

winstrol effects on fertility


winstrol effects on fertilitywinstrol effects on fertilitywinstrol effects on fertilitywinstrol effects on fertilitywinstrol effects on fertility