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This is a cycle intended for the steroid user looking to gain some very good mass. It’s not suitable for beginners but rather a user with at least 2 or 3 beginner cycles under his belt and wishing to make the transition to more complex cycles. A number of androgenic and estrogenic side-effects may be experienced, so it’s advisable to come prepared with an anti-estrogen drug like Letrozole or Arimidex. Sensitive users may use their anti-estrogen from the onset of the cycles while others with less estrogenic sensitivity may keep it on hand in case needed.

Although people didn't agree 5 months back i did my first cycle of dianabol and sustanon 500mg for 10 weeks and it gave me nice results with no acne, hair loss or decreased sex drive...i didnt use any kind of AI in my previous cycle and i ended up with lil bit of gyno..i am not sure its gyno or something in my head or i am just being paranoid but 1 thing is for sure that my left nipple is lil bit puffy as compared to the right 1...and now i am trying to get more in a slow and steady way so i want to start my 2nd cycle without any sides..

==> I have some Letrozol at hand and I thought since cycle gear is very strong and almost all compounds aromaize, Letro would be more effective in combating E2 conversion. since I am E2 sensitive. However, even if Letro is acceptable there comes the dosing problem. The Letro (Femara) pills are so small and come in mgs. It is very hard to divide the pill in 4 equal parts, weighing mg each. There is another way . That is to dissolve the Femara pill into alcohol or vodca at mg / 1 ml alcohol . Then you dispense by a dropper after you count how many drops in 1 ml. This way you can dose as low as you wish. In my case, I have counted 30 drops in each ml of alcohol (Dropper Dependent). This way each drop of the femara solution has mg Letro in it. You add / take away drops as you desire.

Test deca winstrol kuur

test deca winstrol kuur


test deca winstrol kuurtest deca winstrol kuurtest deca winstrol kuurtest deca winstrol kuurtest deca winstrol kuur