Steroid abuse photos

Court documents allege that Joel Pasternak ordered and received anabolic steroid powders shipped directly from China in misbranded packaging, delivered by the USPS. The packages were identified as hair bleach, wall painting additives and cosmetics, but in reality contained raw anabolic steroids. Joel Pasternak operated five clandestine labs where the raw steroids were mixed with other substances and repackaged in vials, posters and tablets for consumption. He marketed the products to those outside of the East Tennessee area, shipping the products by mail. Online consumers were paying via Western Union and MoneyGram.

Caught: 6/13/07 , following his 38-second knockout loss against Bernard Ackah at Dynamite!! USA .
Tested positive for: Unspecified anabolic steroids. Morton’s pre-fight urine test came back as positive for a very elevated T/E (testosterone) ratio — , when the average for an athlete is 6.
Punishment: $2,500 fine and an indefinite suspension from the California State Athletic Commission. Morton’s $100,000 purse was also withheld after he refused to take a post-fight drug test. He hasn’t competed since.

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    Steroid abuse photos

    steroid abuse photos


    steroid abuse photossteroid abuse photossteroid abuse photossteroid abuse photossteroid abuse photos