Rogue anabolic supplement reviews

That’s a good question. probably because he doesn’t present any evidence that mycotoxins affect brain function or cognition, at least any evidence that I’ve seen. Maybe “categorically” is too strong a word and if he presented evidence I’d be open to the possibility. There must be trace mycotoxins in all kinds of plant foods, not just coffee or cocoa, including grains and anything made with them – stuff that people ingest in huge quantities daily. If mycotoxins had such a large impact on cognition, I’m thinking we would know more about it beyond Asprey’s assertion. He makes money from it – “Upgraded Coffee”.

So, after puttering around with my own set of wgts., at age 15 ( being outside constantly was way more fun, & dang, didn’t I loose my Crystal Ball) & then doing same in my mid 20’s….what?, me grow old, not me. Actually had one of those 100 lb. plastic covering the cement plates set & I never touched them. Dumb on my part #2! Then, skipping ahead to 47, on the cusp of being 48, I smartened up, but…whoa! not so fast my friend. Not from someone who’s motto was, when I get the urge to exercise I lie down until the urge passes. Think I stole that from the comedian Louis Anderson. Then, after 30 yrs. driving big trucks, back surgery, becoming a full diabetic & yada yada & a separation, I thought, by age 56…yikes! I guess I’m not omnipotent after all. Dang that Crystal Ball. Anywho, having that all confirmed by my doc, I got serious about getting with the iron. How serious? Well, gyms are persona non grata, so everything is done in house (my apt.). Won’t bore you to tears with the particulars but, with 1 blown bicep in my right arm & 2 blown in my left arm I still curl. The latter may all be in my head, but, it comforts me none the less. Will be 63 in late August & tho’ I thought I’d be driving big rigs into my 80’s maybe smartening up about my health, including lifting is my true substitute, tho’ I didn’t know it. Only wish the myrid of guys my age & younger would take my advice & avoid my pitfalls. What’s that old addage, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink? On that, I found my own way, finally, to the trough & I’m gladly drinking my fill. Over & over & over again. 👍👍👍

In response to one such review of the evidence, based largely on laboratory rodents, one peer-reviewer cautioned that we should not draw conclusions about the involvement of dietary lectins in the cause “of diseases without definite and positive proof.” That was written more than a quarter century ago, and such clinical proof has yet to materialize. What we do have, however, is ever-growing evidence that legumes—beans, split peas, chickpeas, and lentils—are good for us, associated with a longer lifespan, a significantly lower risk of colorectal cancer (a leading cancer killer), considered part of “a natural, cost-effective, and free from side effects solution for the prevention and treatment of [type 2 diabetes].” Randomize people to eat five cups of lentils, chickpeas, split peas, and navy beans a week, and you can see the same benefits in terms of weight loss and metabolic benefits that you do with caloric-restriction portion control. And, the whole lectins theory is based on lectin-containing foods being inflammatory.

Rogue anabolic supplement reviews

rogue anabolic supplement reviews


rogue anabolic supplement reviewsrogue anabolic supplement reviews