Nordicor steroids

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Hi Travis – can you expand on what you mean by re-audience a token? I have a design problem I’m trying to solve and this might align. Essentially, I have a web application backed by a microservices platform. The user never directly interfaces with the API but I want their identity (access token) to be used in API calls to perform scope/authorization check. The problem seems to be that the access token issued during the authentication process contains an audience set to the clientID of the webapp. I would like to “re-audience” this access token and pass it to the API services but I’m unclear how this should work. I don’t want to simply disable the AUD check at the API level. Thoughts or references?

Undoubtedly, the deaths will continue to stack up with ¼ of the year remaining though we’d be curious to see whether there is finally an awakening that reduces steroid/hgh demand among potential users. Certainly, Daniele will be missed by those who revolved closest to his Italian orbit. We at searched long and hard but could not find a smirk or example whereby he used his body size to intimidate others. Nonetheless, as did Ed Van Amsterdam, Daniele certainly made a colossal miscalculation with his decision to take steroids. Too bad!

Nordicor steroids

nordicor steroids


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