Ischial tuberosity steroid injection

If that happens, you should see a sports health professional. Don't shrug it off as a "pulled hamstring" (hamstring strain). Perhaps because IT injuries are less common than hamstring strains, they are often misdiagnosed as a simple strain  or pulled muscle.  They usually heal with conservative therapy . However, the injuries may require surgery, and the longer a correct diagnosis is delayed, the more extensive the surgical procedure may be. Not all injuries require surgery, but information on the extent of an injury is useful in planning a rehabilitation program and a return to your sport. The quicker the injury is identified and treated, the less chance you will develop chronic pain or risk not returning to your prior level of performance.

What is ischial bursitis?
A person with ischial bursitis has inflammation of the bursa that lies over the ischial tuberosity. The ischial tuberosity is the bony prominence in the pelvis, on which you sit. The ischial bursa acts as a lubricating pad between tendons and the pelvic bone. The ischial bursa prevents destruction of the tendons as they move over the ischial tuberosity. A common cause of ischial bursitis is prolonged sitting. Inflammation around the ischial tuberosity can irritate the sciatic nerve , triggering symptoms that are very similar to acute sciatica .

What are the symptoms of ischial bursitis?
Symptoms of ischial bursitis include buttock pain or hip pain , and localized tenderness overlying the ischial tuberosity. Additional symptoms of ischial bursitis include numbness and tingling in the buttock that spreads down the leg. The symptoms usually worsen while sitting.

How does the doctor treat ischial bursitis?
Treatment of ischial bursitis includes rest, use of a doughnut cushion while sitting, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Additional treatment includes hamstring stretches and strengthening exercises. Severe cases may require injections of corticosteroid medication over the ischial tuberosity.

Ischial tuberosity steroid injection

ischial tuberosity steroid injection


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