Defcort steroid side effects

I had x-rays taken after several yrs of extreme hip and leg pain and difficulty standing, walking and laying down. x-rays are showing mild narrowing of L4/L5 space and complete loss of interspace at L5- S1. Also straightening of the lumbar spine. Vertebre are all lined up ok. I have no difficulty bending forward to the floor but can not bend backwards. I am more than a month away from a MRI to get a better look. I have psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis but it is well controlled by Enbrel. There is Bilateral sacroiliitis noted more prominent on the right side. No evidence of fusion or erosions noted. (this has been there 20yrs and has not gotten worse.) While I am waiting for the MRI, is there a type of exercise that can help my mobility? Chiropractic adjustments were helping but insurance has run out on that for the rest of this year. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks

In January 2015, the FDA granted fast track status to Marathon Pharmaceuticals to pursue approval of deflazacort as a potential treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy , a rare, "progressive and fatal disease" that affects boys. [7] Although deflazacort was approved by the FDA for use in treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy on February 9, 2017, [8] [9] Marathon CEO announced on February 13, 2017 that the launch of deflazacort (Emflaza) would be delayed amidst controversy over the steep price Marathon was asking for the drug in the United States - $89,000 per year, which is "roughly 70 times" more than it would cost overseas. [10] Because deflazacort is an older drug which has been long-approved in some other countries, it is now available in many places as an inexpensive generic. For example, in Canada deflazacort can be purchased for around $1 per tablet. [11]

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Defcort steroid side effects

defcort steroid side effects