Crossfitters on steroids

If you want to get strong and your training has plateaued: take a week off then start with strength training and mobility work only. NO cardio! NO metcons! I did one year of weightlifting only and when I came back to my Crossfit box I destroyed everybody. I trained with real weightlifters [european record holders] and they weren't even allowed to take a 3 mile walk because it affected their performance the next day. That's what it takes for maximum strength gains. Also start doing weighted chest2bar & dips every day and forget about progressions if MU is your goal. 10 strict pullups is not enough. I can do over 15 MUs but for that I run a MU programe, a butterfly c2b programme, a weighted c2b and a weighted dips programme - each 3x a week. For my first MU I did a set of chest to bar pullups after each 2 sets of everything else [about 10 sets of max effort pull ups every day for 3 months] .. if you mean something less than that by "putting in the work" you shouldn't go for PEDs just yet.

Yep, that’s all these steeple do is try and explain “they must be doping because they can do things I cant. Truth is they don’t want to work as hard, or just not driven enough to do what it takes. I know several of these athletes including Rich, so I am not talking about people I see on TV, they are people I actually have been around. I laugh at these guys now when they always start with the “he’s got to be using roids” pages on top of pages. Yet not one test ever came back anything but good old fashion hard work, diet, and smart training. Something anyone that is talking all this crap, obviously knows nothing about. So now that I’ve dropped the Mike, all you can start talking again, about something you don’t know about, someone you don’t know, and only what you’ve read on the internet. Ready…….GO!

Crossfitters on steroids

crossfitters on steroids


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