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Personally, I think that Paleo, as a personal choice, can include a spectrum, or many degrees of interpretations and adherences, and choosing whether or not to include salt is something I would include as a discretionary item, along with dairy. Salt may very well not be, strictly speaking, part of “the” Paleo diet, but I think a paleo adherent could make a reasoned case for salting their food to taste. The basic idea of paleo will continue to evolve and branch as people choose to take their own views, sometimes making it more restrictive (raw paleo) or less (primal), but I would suggest that these debates are intra-community debates that have less significance than extra-community debates (those we all continue to have with the heart-healthy whole grains, low fat crowds). But thanks for weighing in on this one and including some useful information so that folks can make more informed choices.

Cardiotonic steroids

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