Brazilian steroid man

We watch as a gloved medical service provider wipes his arm in a most delicate manner. Why? Isn’t it obvious? She’s cleaning the gaping hole in his arm as the Synthol has caused a reaction, a burning sensation unlike anything experienced, and a deadly infection. The fluid inside of his arms is expanding and wants to follow the path of least resistance but there isn’t any. With no other option, the arm bursts open like a ruptured tire. The debris of flesh surrounds the huge hole and fluids are gushing to the external. Intense pain rages and the young Brazilian will soon go into shock.

Forbes also listed Pacquiao as the World's 6th Highest Paid Athlete, with a total of $40 million or ₱2 billion pesos (₱2,000,000,) from the second half of 2008 to the first half of 2009. Tied with him on the sixth spot was NBA player LeBron James and golfer Phil Mickelson . [76] Pacquiao was again included in Forbes' list of Highest Paid Athletes from the second half of 2009 to the first half of 2010; he was ranked 8th with an income of $42 million. [77] Pacquiao also won the 2009 ESPY Awards for the Best Fighter category, beating fellow boxer Shane Mosley and Brazilian mixed martial arts fighters Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva . [78] ESPN Magazine reported that Pacquiao was one of the two top earning athletes for 2010, alongside American Major League Baseball player Alex Rodriguez . According to the magazine's annual salary report of athletes, Pacquiao earned $32 million (approximately PhP billion) for his two 2010 boxing matches against Clottey and Margarito. [79]

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Brazilian steroid man

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