Before and after steroids video

I can appreciate what you are saying. The low carb thing was suggested as a shortcut to drop the fat and it definitely is working out great. I do miss the carbs. And I have a vacation I'm taking next weekend so I'll be back to eating for a week. The caloric deficit is what I plan to do after cutting a bit more. Its the only way to maintain after low carb. While I may have alot to learn, this is working. I do 5 low carb days below 30 grams and weekends are a free for all. But I try to behave moderately at least. I also agree I'd have more energy if I had more carbs. What would you change if you where in my spot? I probably have a bit less fat that your pre cycle pic. And my stomach feels rock hard underneath my fat. And trust me. I've had way more fat. Before my Pre first cycle I was a fat man in the making at 220lb. I was soft all over. And in my opinion everything came together at exactly the right time in life. I'm 203lb now and my body is completely built differently.

The truth is relatively simple; yes, the gains you make through anabolic steroid use will be nothing short of amazing but they will not come all by themselves. As is commonly believed in popular culture anabolic steroids are the lazy man’s shortcut but this is simply not true. You still have to train, you still need to eat well; anabolic steroids are not a shortcut but rather a supplemental tool that allows us to do what we’re already doing only a little better. If you sit on your butt eating ice cream all day the effects of steroids before and after will be very minimal and in all likelihood you’ll simply be a fat ass blob who happens to supplement with steroids; that’s not too appealing. The idea of anabolic steroids is to keep the body from adapting, to stave this natural process off so that we can perform and they perform this process more efficiently than anything else imaginable.

Because steroids are hormones, patients who use them for long periods of time must be carefully monitored. The most common side effects are: weight gain; thinning of the skin; upset stomach; muscle weakness in the thighs, shoulders, and neck; “masking” or hiding a fever; mood swings; insomnia; pneumonia; and increased blood sugar levels (especially in patients with diabetes). Steroids can also interact with some seizure medications, either raising or lowering the seizure medicine levels in the blood, which can affect their effectiveness. Your doctor can explain other side effects that may occur with steroid use.

Before and after steroids video

before and after steroids video


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