Anastrozole think steroids

"I am reading about all of these side effects. I just finished my five years and it's not necessary for me to continue on with it. I suppose some of my achy feelings and stuff came from this drug, but I take a few others so I'm not sure. I haven't had any side effects no hair loss or thinning like many others that I've read about. One woman I met shortly after I got breast cancer said she did not take the drug as was recommended and not long after her breast cancer turned into lung cancer now it's inoperable so she urged people to take the drug. Thank you I hope your drug makes me live longer to be with my granddaughters."

I actually took tamoxifen for years and then switched to Aromasin for years I found the side effects to be milder with the Aromasin. At the end of the years of Aromasin, I was invited to participate in a clinical trial where I would continue taking either letrozole (generic aromasin) or a placebo for an additional 5 years. The purpose of this trial was to determine the longer term affects of this drug. I did take the actual drug. I experienced the usual hot flashes which diminished over time, no moodiness and very slight joint pain. I too, am very active and perhaps this helped. I also had mild bone loss (osteopenia) and elevated triglycerides. Next month I will stop taking the letrozole as the study will be complete. Apparently it is doing its job. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with stage IIA lobular carconima invasive but node negative.

Anastrozole think steroids

anastrozole think steroids


anastrozole think steroidsanastrozole think steroidsanastrozole think steroidsanastrozole think steroidsanastrozole think steroids